#1011 - Alan Roberts

February 11, 2019

Alan Roberts from @EveryDamnDayFitness joins us and we talk about EVERYTHING right AND wrong in the fitness industry. Check out all his stuff on YouTube and Instagram (@EveryDamnDayFitness) and also over on his website at http://EveryDamnDayFitness.net


#1010 - Sunday Funday Q&Anus

February 10, 2019

Back with another amazing Q&Anus with all sorts of topics on training, nutrition, lifestyle, etc. Always fun so thank you for all your questions!


#1009 - Jabroni Saturday (#SFS)

February 9, 2019

A follow-up to the latest fitness news on the Brittany Dawn Fitness scam that has officially surfaced recently. So we go into business ethics, communication and problems in the fitness industry. 


#1008 - Feederism (WARNING - This is gross)

February 8, 2019

Discussion the latest YouTube video I dropped based on a young woman who participates in "Feederism." This is a fetish where people watch someone eat excessive amounts of food among other kinks. Body positivity and fat acceptance play a large role here so strap in...


#1007 - Who F*cked You Up??

February 7, 2019

We make excuses by passing responsibility off to our parents, co-workers, friends, even people on social media - rather than taking control ourselves. 


#1006 - De-Loading 101

February 6, 2019

What is the best process of "de-loading" and how often should you do it? This episode discusses the concepts of lower intensity training and many aspects of the best practices. 


#1005 - Body Part Splits or Nah?

February 5, 2019

Should you be doing larger body part splits or breaking down into more isolated training days? Which is best for you?


#1004 - When You “Know”

February 4, 2019

In today's world, there is SO MUCH information that it is hard to tell what is real and what is just loud noise. It's important to keep an open mind and be humble with your "knowledge" because all of it can change...


#1003 - Sunday Funday Q&A

February 3, 2019

Another FIRE Q&A session with the Swolenormous family! Lots of topics and lots of great questions in this episode, enjoy!


#1002 - That F*cking Jabroni

February 2, 2019

We ALL know that ONE person that is negative, inconsiderate, rude, or just plain stupid. This episode shares everyone's jabroni-of-the-week.