#1046 - That Diet Tho

March 18, 2019

"Diet" is not a scary word - it is your "way of eating" and should be embraced from the foundation up. In this episode, we approach eating with a renewed focus on bio-individuality and adjusting/tweaking over time. For more information on programs, nutrition, yoga and more, visit http://SwolenormousX.com

#1045 - Sunday Funday Q&Anus

March 17, 2019

Amazing episode with a TON of questions so dig in and enjoy!

#1044 - Which Days Are Rest Days?

March 16, 2019

Rest days and active recovery days often get confused, but are actually the same thing...or SHOULD be. Are you putting in the proper amount of effort towards your recovery as you are for your training? This episode is for you! Check out http://SwolenormousX.com for more information on training programs, nutrition, yoga, mobility and more. 

#1043 - In Your Face Hole (Training Too!)

March 15, 2019

This episode really crushes program design as well as nutrition, so dig in and enjoy this best of an episode! Visit http://SwolenormousX.com for training, nutrition, yoga and more. 

#1042 - Illegal Dietary Supplement Scheme

March 14, 2019

Breaking News and discussion in regards to the recent indictment against several individuals and two companies, most notably PJ Braun of Blackstone Labs for their roles in a scheme to distribute illegal dietary supplements. Content is from a release from the United States Department of Justice.

#1041 - Everything is “Just OK”

March 13, 2019

Do the people around you "balance out" your emotions and your outlook on your health and fitness? This can cover many situations in life but is directly related to those that you surround yourself with. Make sure you don't balance yourself! Facebook and IG were down today, so any further information on content releases, training and more, visit http://SwolenormousX.com

#1040 - TRY FAIL WIN

March 12, 2019

Back in the Swole Hole and I'm ready to drop some sweet taint in this episode. Want results? Then you need to put those words into action!

#1039 - Flip-Flop Fire

March 11, 2019

You will have different seasons of your life and you need to be ready to adjust and change your approach depending on where you are. Be dynamic, and you will maintain consistency. Visit http://SwolenormousX.com for more information on training, nutrition, yoga and more. 

#1038 - Sunday Funday Q&Anus

March 10, 2019

Great questions coming in from the fam, from Instagram and Facebook as well as #DailySwoleClub members. Great topics and gave me some great ideas for upcoming content! Visit http://SwolenormousX.com for more information on memberships, blog, apparel and more. 

#1037 - BE HONEST

March 9, 2019

Honesty with yourself is just as important as honesty with others. How you approach your own internal fundamental conversation will determine how you approach your fitness, your nutrition, and your life. Check out http://SwolenormousX.com for information on training, nutrition, yoga and more.