#897 - Hesitation Breeds Inaction (FIRE)

October 20, 2018

This episode is full of introspective fire - lots about meditation, the impact of our mental approach to our physical wellness, and more!


#896 - Favorite Leg Exercises (Don’t Skip These!)

October 19, 2018

Some of my "favorite" leg exercises that I focus on pretty much every leg session. Don't skip leg day!


#895 - Core And Balance

October 18, 2018

Breaking down the importance of proper progressive activation training, what the core actually is, and how core and balance work needs to be the foundation of your fitness. 


#894 - The Wonderful World of Glute Activation

October 17, 2018

Why activation of the glutes is so important and explanation of why ignoring this type of training can be a recipe for disaster. 


#893 - Maximize Leg Gains

October 16, 2018

This week we are going to CRUSH legs, and this is the first episode of a series on how to develop your legs to the fullest. Start by thinking about all the variables you are using to train your legs right now and learn how to manipulate them subtly for maximum results. 


#892 - It’s OK To Train Unique

October 15, 2018

Your fitness should look different than anyone else's. You are a unique person, and with trial and error, you can hone and customize ANY fitness or nutrition program to suit your needs optimally. 


#891 - Osmany Herrera

October 14, 2018

Breaking down business, fitness, and life with Osmany Herrera of @StopBeingStagnant (Instagram). 


#890 - You Need To Compare Yourself

October 13, 2018

It is important to compare yourself but in the RIGHT way. It is so very easy to get discouraged and feel "lost" when social media is always in your face showing amazing physiques and people that on the surface seem like they have everything figured out. 


#889 - How To Flex EVERYTHING

October 12, 2018

To make progress from where you are OR to simply get started with your fitness, it's often about focusing on LESS, not more. 


#888 - Broscience Is NOT Guilty!

October 11, 2018

Most people nowadays demonize "Broscience" and the logic that has turned into fitness myths around the world. I want to address the concepts of Broscience from a different perspective in this episode.